David Reece Hutchison’s Passepartout is charming down to his polka-dotted socks.”
Jennifer Georgia, DC Metro Theater Arts

Mauckingbird Theatre Company's; The Sisterhood:

"Hutchison knows how to give texture to his work, and his acting talent pays dividends in Reynolds’s staging."
Neal Zoren, NealsPaper

"---Henriette (the excellent David Reece Hutchison) who longs for a husband and children and happiness and hopes to marry Clitandre....the accomplished cast never misses a rhyme."
Toby Zinman, Philadelphia Inquirer

Mauckingbird Theatre Company's; The Importance of Being Earnest:

"The best performers are those who play beyond gender, most prominently David Hutchison as Cecily Cardew, whom he invests with genteel passion."
David Patrick Stearns, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Cast stand-outs James Ijames and David Hutchison all but mock the characters they play and the shallow actions they take, helping to properly and hilariously criticize the importance that these characters put on social etiquette" 
Andrew Clark, EDGE Philadelphia

Director Alex Takacs 'Young Replicant' speaking about David; Lorde- Team:

"Lorde was particularly concerned with casting teens with acne-spotted faces, a decision that coincided with the lyric: "Now bring my boys in/ Their skin in craters like the moon." "We found this great guy who had an amazing face," Takacs said. "He had these scarred cheeks, which I thought made him look really interesting."
MTV News, Lorde Doesn't Like 'Vanilla': Her 'Team' Director Explains

TheatreWorks, New Milford; Suddenly, Last Summer:

"Mr. Hutchison plays George on a fine line, employing the traits of both a charming young man and a spoiled kid.--if his performance is any indication of what's to come from this young man, we have no doubt that his dream will become a reality."
In The Spotlight, Volume 08/ Number 16